Kyusho vs Photography

Hi Folks,

Last week me and a friend decided to go to a Martial Art session named “Kyusho” in ‘Bright Water Commons’ – Randburg in SA.

While we heard of Kyusho and its ability to turn a normal punch to a Deat Bed kicky punch, I was very interested. So me and my friend where looking forward for that session. Finally it was the time and we where all set, ready to go there. I packed my Camera (luckily) and started the car.

We went to ‘Bright Water Commons’, parked the car, entered the mall, crossed all the chain of shops… The moment we entered the Open Space, which is located in the center of the mall, I found something which I wanted to photgraph for a long time. It was the Skating Zone where all the Pro’s and Ametur’s skating with the roller skates/Cycles/roller mats.. It was like literally witnessing Tony Hawks pro skating stunts live….

Now I’m confused, whether to attend Kyusho session or Take pictures in the skating Zone…


Kyusho vs Photography????????????????????????????????????????

Finally I spent 5 minutes in Kyusho and spent the rest of my 2 and half hours clicking pictures 🙂

Skate Resized 24Photgraphy finally won, Which I always loved to do 🙂

Here is some of the pictures that I liked from the collection…


Skate Resized 1


Skate Resized 3

Skate Resized 12

Skate Resized 17
















Skate Resized 22

























There where lots of kids who want to skate like the pro’s… I personally liked this kid’s innocense in the below pics who was watching ons of the pro very calmly 🙂

Skate Resized 14












Skate Resized 15Skate Resized 16

There was a kid who fell down while attempting a stunt…. So sad…. Fortunately he was not hurt badly and got up at last happily accompanied by his parents…

Skate Resized 7

Skate Resized 8

























I had a great time taking pictures and in the mean time, my friend got into Kyusho and learnt all the basic moves to practise on me… I never bothered as I was sure that I can kick his a** if he shows his moves on me 🙂

Few more pictures… 🙂


Hope you liked my pics…

Till next time…. Cheers, Kamalraj 🙂

Skate Resized 2

Skate Resized 4Skate Resized 5Skate Resized 9Skate Resized 10Skate Resized 11Skate Resized 13Skate Resized 21Skate Resized 23