Waterkloof – Airshow – Africa Aerospace & Defence 2012

Hi Folks,

2 weeks ago. Waterkloof hosted this wonderful airshow for 2 days. I was there on day one. It was a rainy saturday and the show started with rain and the morning was so cold. Which ended up to be a very sunny afternoon and a warm evening. The whole show was fabulous and it was a gift for the photographers.

I clicked few pictures. Here are few from my fav’s.

Hope you like them.

Till next time.



Airshow 950 1Airshow 950 2Airshow 950 3Airshow 950 4Airshow 950 5Airshow 950 6Airshow 950 7Airshow 950 8Airshow 950 9Airshow 950 10Airshow 950 11Airshow 950 12Airshow 950 13Airshow 950 14Airshow 950 15Airshow 950 16

Airshow South Africa

Hi Folks,

These pictures where taken in the pretoria airshow in 2011.  Heard about this event from one of my colleague, who heard from another colleague.. finally I decided to go there with bunch of friends.

The place where the show took place was a military base for the south african airforce. The moment I was in there, I was not surprised to the number of Flights/Gliders/Jets that where on the show.

Infact I was not surprised to see all the Huge Camera’s with HUGE HUGE lens 🙂 I was still having my Nikon D3000 with a decent 18-200 mm lens… Thought of sharing few of my clicks here. Hope you like them..

Till next time… take care… Cheers.

DSC 0579DSC 0631DSC 0857