Which one are you


Saw this interesting picture on a FB forum. Though of sharing it in the Blog. Tell me which one are you?



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Hope life is treating you all well. 

I just wanted to share some of the Bird pics that I thought would be a nice share.

Hope you enjoy them.

Till next time,



Bird looking up 1 2Good Jump 1 2Good Wingss 1 2King Fisher 30Kruger pic 10Kruger pic 13Kruger pic 14Kruger pics 3Kruger pics 5Kruger pics 6Kruger pics 21Kuruvi 1Lonely paravai 1


Hi Folks,

Hope life is treating you all good..

Last weekend I was at Randshow with my family and colleagues.

This is a must visit place with lot of performances especially with amazing kids entertainment…

It had awesome snake bite show at the animal kingdom…   and much, much more!!

This is one of the best place for the family and friends and it will be awesome experience and I hope you visit with your famile and have a GREAT DAY OUT!

I took these pictures at one of the extreme shows they hosted, where the professional divers dive from heights that most of us scare. Hope you like these pictures. I have made it Black & White for fun…. Till next time…

cheers, Kamal

Randshow 1 4Randshow 1

Randshow 1 3Randshow 1 2