Unexplored Ooty – Parson’s Valley


Not sure if any of you have visited this place?

Parson’s Valley – This is the primary water source for Ooty and is mainly it is in a reserved forest and is thus largely off-limits to normal and daily visitors.

This undisturbed area of grassland and thick forest is excellent for a day trip. But please note, no hiking is allowed off the beaten track, as the area is also a home to some panthers and tigers.

Nature calls this place a strong hearted for a walk in this jungle. I would say enter at your own risk. This is no place for the weak and the scared ones in Parson’s valley. To describe the place in a single word, the place is WILD. You will definitely need permission from the Forest Department to visit Parson’s valley as this is a reserved forest.

The dam and the store house have all the appearance of a ghost house for sure and you wont find  a single tourist vehicle anywhere. But rest assured, this place is definitely a thorough enjoyment for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

The uninhibited growth of the trees, creepers and crawlers and the chirping of strange birds and maybe the occasional growl of a tiger will capture your imagination, if not, it is sure to send a shiver down your spine. One sight quite common in these parts is the deer. Please do not intimidate them if you see a heard. Reasons are obvious.

The other interesting fact about the Dam is THE CLIMAX OF FILM ‘ROJA” was shot here. Maniratnam sir had shown this place beautifully and morphed to make it look exactly like Kashmir.

Here are some Pics that I took with my friend. 

Hope you like them.

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Long Time…

Hi Friends,

Its been a long time since I posted anything on this blog.  I must say, I was very lazy to post anything, thats the truth 🙂  

But in the meantime I had a nice trip to India and travelled to Ooty with few of my friends.. It was one of the warm evening, when I clicked this Picture in Ooty. 

I will try and post most of my pictures in my next posts.

Hope you like this one.

Till next time.

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