Half and Full Moon

Hi Friends,

Hope life is treating you all very well. Its been a while since I posted due to various reasons. Apologies and I hope I can cover what happened in the past weeks with few posts now..

I had an oppurtunity to click some pics of the half moon and Full Moon last month. Hope you like them. For fun is the collate inclusion 🙂

Thanks, Kamal

Moon 3 4 1

Moon half 1 2Full moon 1 5Moon collate


Half Moon

Hi Friends,

Today I had witnessed this wonderful half moon very closely for the first time with the sigma 120-400mm lens. It was a wonderful feeling, reminded me the bed time and dinner time stories of my childhood. I captured what I saw to share it with you all. Hope you like them.



Moon half 1 7

Happy New Year 2012

Hi Folks,

Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year :-)…

Hope all is well at your end.

This is something that I intend to capture all the time, THE MOON. After more than 500 clicks, I learnt how to capture Moon with a normal 200 mm lens. I will keep posting the pictures as I take more. Any comments are welcome. Thanks..




Moon 015