Pano @ kruger

Friends hope you all doing good.. This pic was taken last year November at Kruger.

Hope you all like it.




A Long Walk

Hi Friends,

I took this picture in Krugers National Park, South Arica in August 2011. I was accompanied by my friends. We where there for a 3 day trip.

I took this picture on my second day. We waited for this elephant to walk from the end of the road to the place where it is standing. It took around 30 Minutes for it to reach this place. Looks like it was scared as we parked our car in the middle of the road and waiting for it come closer. Luckily I took lots of shot of this elephant. I thought this picture is one of its best standing position…

Hope you like it…

Till next time…

Kamal 🙂

Elephant 1