Witpoortjie Waterfall – walter sisulu botanical garden

Hi Friends,

Last week, I along with my family and few colleagues planned to visit walter sisulu botanical garden. This was an oppurtunity for me to try the new Sig 120-400 mm lens as well.

So there we where and to give you an insight about this place…

Walter Sisulu is one of the 8 botanical gardens that has been managed by the so called South African Biodiversity Institute (SANBI). This place consist of around 30 hectares of landscaped beautiful garden and it is around 270 hectares of natural vegetation i.e Rocky Highveld Grassland. The Witpoortjie water falls is the centre piece to the gardens that I was aware of but it looks like Walter Sisulu also features a Waterwise Garden, Cycad Garden, Succulent Rockery, Fern Garden and arboretum (never knew anything about it 🙂 ). Its been said that the best time to visit this garden is during late spring or summer when the flowering shrubs are in bloom. Walter Sisulu is also home to a breeding pair of black eagles, which I never saw it during my visits.

Enough about the garden as such… I took these pictures of the water falls I like to share it with you all. Hope you like them.

Till next time,

Keep well,


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