Pilanesburg – Bird watch

Hi Friends,

Hope life is treating you well.

Last week I took my family to pilanesburg along with my colleagues.

Pilanesberg National Park is one of the best places for bird photography. You wont believe, there are over 350 species that have been recorded in the park and in a birder count there is a record up to 100 species in winter and seems like a plenty more in summer times including both the poor migrants and the permanent ones. However as per the expert they say the best time is to go there during the week and that too at the same time to spend atleast 2-4 days there to get some nice catchy pictures. I was there only for a day and had a tough time with my new born.. My next trip would be again when my Newborn is ready to adapt for 4 hours drive or anything more than that 🙂

Hope you like some of this pics… till next time… take care, cheers, kamal…

Bird watch 1Bird watch 2Pilanesburg 1 3Pilanesburg 1 4


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