My Initial Post

100_0823This is something I have contemplated for several months. But, due to my own lack of self-confidence and perhaps my own thought to postponing, I am now only setting up my own blog. I am under no illusions as to what i will be writing here. I will try and just give my own thoughts on different subjects, whether they be computers, friends or of a personal thing. I think, at least for the time being, the latter will be the order of the day.

First, a little about me. Call me kamal and my full name is kamalraj dhanapal. Currently am  a Lotus Notes Developer/Analyst with Cybernet Slash Support. I have a masters degree in computer science that is what I’ve been really utilizing now. I am often told I’m an easy going guy, laid back to a fault. If I am confident I am right on a subject, there probably isn’t much chance I will be swayed. But, that is rare. I am quite open to different viewpoints.

I hope to give personal views on subjects in later blog entries. It probably won’t be to the point that others are in this vast and ever changing enterprise. But, I think I will be fairly consistent. I look forward to hearing from you all in the future.


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